Sunday, December 14, 2008

Football at the Bachelor Pad

I spent the day watching football and cleaning. It is always tough cleaning the house. It brings back too many strong memories. As I clean I continuously find belongings of the children - child's sock behind the couch, my daughter's hair ties, my son's matchbox cars. They are painful reminders of what I have lost.

I haven't cleaned or even touched the children rooms since they left. I keep the doors shut. I don't know what is better - keep the rooms how they are to make me feel like I still have my family or move there belongings into the garage until they can be moved up to my wife.

Is it completely insensitive to work on making a "bachelors pad" before the divorce papers have even been signed? Probably so. My wife and children will be visiting next month anyway and I want to be respectful.

Still, these reminders are getting to me. They are under my skin.


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